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On October 04, 2015, CADIVI Company has solemnly celebrated its 40th anniversary of development with the country – Firmly pioneering – Outreaching to the world with the participation of all employees of the companies, partners and loyal customers, especially the presence of Deputy Prime Minister Hoang Trung Hai.

On this occasion, Vietnam Electric Wire and Cable Limited Company (CADIVI) is honored to be awarded the First Class Labor Medal (2nd time) on the 40th anniversary of establishment (October 06, 1975 - October 06, 2015) and launch its new brand identity system.


Deputy Prime Minister Hoang Trung Hai (the third person from right), as authorized to give the First Class Labor Medal to CADIVI.


From an Electric Wire and Cable Enterprise which was allocated by the government of an official capital of 38 billion dongs for production, after a 40-year journey full of challenges, CADIVI has confirmed its leading position in the market of electric cables. CADIVI has very focused on synchronous investment, from the expansion of production with 7 units, subsidiaries and affiliates nationwide, nearly 1,000 employees devoted to work, advanced machinery and equipment, etc. to the development of a system with nearly 200 level I agencies and 2,000 level II agencies nationwide, and dedicated customer care policies and consultation services.

Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Nguyen Loc - General Director of CADIVI said: "In the process of construction and development, along with the effort and an appropriate investment strategy, CADIVI has always had an average growth rate of 20-25%/year and become one of the leading companies with the highest growth in Vietnam electric cable industry. The revenue in 2014 reached 5,386 billion dong and the dividend has been steady 30% in several years. "


CADIVI's products have become a trusted Vietnamese brands used in the oil and gas and hydropower projects, urban and rural power grids. Also on this occasion, the newly-launched brand identity has outstanding and more professional design, creating closeness and impression to customers.

Moreover, Mr. Nguyen Loc also expressed deep gratitude to the representatives of customers, suppliers, and accompanied units which have supported CADIVI all this time in order to reap the current fruits.

On this occasion, the Management Board of Tan Phu Trung IZ has sent sincere congratulations to CADIVI to new successes in the next stage of business.

The representative of the Management Board of Tan Phu Trung IZ, Ms. Nguyen Thi Van Anh – CEO of SCD (the investor of the IZ) shared: "As the industrial park which has the participation of CADIVI's construction and development, on this occasion, we are extremely happy & very honored to accompany and contribute to the present and future successes of the brand. We always believe that the success of customers is also the success of Tan Phu Trung Industrial Zone. Within our ability, we hope to create the best conditions for the construction & development of investors. We are committed to doing our best to support CADIVI in the future success, congratulations to CADIVI in their importance milestone".

 Furthermore, she also said that from the support policies of the government, in addition to the active support of the industrial zone, since 2014, investors in Tan Phu Trung IZ are entitled to the preferential policy on corporate income tax. Accordingly, the CIT is 100% exempt up to 2 years & 50% of tax reduction to the next 4 years (according to the Circular No. 78/2014/TT-BTC). This is a great support of the government on investment incentives in Tan Phu Trung


Currently, one branch of CADIVI located in Tan Phu Trung Industrial Zone is called Tan A Factory- Subsidiary 3.  Tan Phu Trung IZ has made its utmost to support the branch of CADIVI to operate stably and sustainably, both in the present & the future.

In terms of leadership, the representatives of CADIVI are also very pleased with the support & development potentials at Tan Phu Trung IZ. On this occasion, CADIVI has also shared their need to strengthen and expand their business projects in Tan Phu Trung IZ so as to meet the production demands for the outstanding international market economy.

In relation to our bilateral cooperation, we would like to wish CADIVI and Tan Phu Trung IZ more success in the present & the future. Once again, we would like to congratulate CADIVI for their 40th anniversary - a way of their journey of establishment and development. With this milestone, CADIVI will surely succeed and develop more strongly throughout the country & and outreach to the world.





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