Khu cong nghiep

General terms and implementation procedures


Rights and responsibilities of the service products providers

  1. To provide the right products/services selected by the customer and to be responsible for consulting full range of services as required by customers.

  2. To inify with customer to plan the works in details which in volved wich customer. To keep information and documents provided by customers during the implementation as well as performance of the service/product contract confidential.

  3. To quickly cooperate with customers the necessary procedures.

  4. To guide customers using web software and completing all documents for relevant consulting services.

  5. To provide warranty for the products/services provided to the customers under the terms of the signed contract.

  6. Not to violate the laws related to copyright and other laws during the use of services of customers.

Rights and responsibilities of service users

  1. To provide complete information and requirements necessary for the service provider to carry out the work required well.
  2. To be responsible for the accuracy and transparency of the information provided to the service provider
  3. To carry out the work agreed by the two parties in the spirit of cooperation and self-responsibility.
  4. To cooperate with the service provider to analyze the requirements arising in the implementation process and deploy appropriate handling measures agreed by the two parties.
  5. To pay the service provider in full as agreed in the service contract between the two parties.
  6. Where customers want to change or supplement a service, such change or supplementation shall be notified to the service provider in writing and customers shall pay additional costs (if any).


Step 1: Contacting and receiving customers' inquiries about products/services.
Step 2: Selecting an appropriate service package and agreeing on the price and the workflow.
Step 3: Paying under the provisions of the contract between both parties
Step 4: Deploying the work
Step 5: Finishing the work
Step 6: Customers accepting the products/services
Step 7: Warranty and customer support policies