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Policies for customers

We are very concerned about your privacy rights when you use our services. We also understand that you will be much concerned about whether the information you have provided to use is kept confidential. We would like to make you feel really secure and confident when buying from us. Thus, we are committed to making you the best experience with complete confidence when shopping at our website.

 We have developed this privacy policy to demonstrate our company's commitment to the security and confidentiality for our customers. Through this Privacy Policy, we would like to let you understand how we collect customer information, the use and sharing of such information as well as the information privacy of our customers. We also hope you will read carefully the following content.

Information collecting

  • We collect information from all those who access our website and use our services, including the unregistered visitors that shop at
  • Signing up: Members may be asked to provide full personal information when they sign up to use our products and services, including name, address, telephone number and payment method. We use the information primarily for providing the most useful and daily updated information to our customers. In general, we shall never disclose your information to any third party.
  • We will store all the access information as well as customer feedback. The information is stored for the purpose of better care for our customers.
  • We will store all the invoices, transactions, purchase history, methods of payment, etc. to avoid any further problems.

Use and Sharing of Information

  • Use of Information: We use customers’ information for the following purposes:
    • To provide useful information for better care for our customers, including  Newsletter, promotions, information of new products or other programs fostering development.
    • To provide some utilities as well as consulting services to better support our customers.
    • We will use customers’ information in a reasonable manner for the purpose of developing and perfecting our company's services and better serving our customers.
    • To settle disputes, complaints and inquiries of customers.
    • To prevent unfortunate circumstances that may occur later such as violations of laws.
  • Sharing of Information As mentioned, we are very serious about the confidentiality of customers’ information. Thus, we are committed to absolutely not using customer information for purposes not beneficial to customers. We are committed to not trading, exchanging confidential information of customers to any third party. However, in some special cases as follows, we may share customer information in a reasonable manner:
    • To receive the agreement fromt customer.
    • To protect the interests of the company and the company's partners. We shall only provide personal information of customers when we can make sure that such information could protect the rights or property of our company and the partners involved. Such information shall be disclosed legally under the laws of Vietnam.
    • At the request of government agencies when it is deemed to be in accordance with the laws of Vietnam.
    • In some other cases customers’ information is needed such as a promotion program sponsored by a third party, we will notify customers before your information is disclosed. Customers do have the right to decide whether to agree the sharing of their information or to participate.

Confidentiality of Customers’ Information:

  • We are committed to ensuring the confidentiality of customers’ information provided for our company. We are committed to not trading customer information for commercial purposes. All sharing and use of customer information shall comply with the privacy policy of our company. We are committed to making you feel confident and satisfied about the security of your personal information when using our company's services.
  • For best keeping customers’ information confidential, we recommend that you restrict your access using automatic login, pay attention to password backup and make sure to sign out when using a public computer to login to your account on our website. We shall not be held responsible for the disclose of your personal information because of these reasons.
  • The Privacy Policy applies only to the customers’ information registered on the official website of our company. All information registered at other websites or addresses are not within the scope of validity of this Information Privacy Policy. 

We always assert that: We respect your right of personal information privacy. If you have any inquiries or comments concerning our company's privacy policy, please contact us at

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