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On March 01, 2015 in Tan Phu Trung IZ, Cu Chi District, Focus Engineering Co., Ltd. held the Groundbreaking Ceremony for the factory of filter bags. Attending this ceremony, there are the Board of Directors, the Company's shareholders and representatives of Tan Phu Trung IZ.

The project of dust filter bag factory with Focus Engineering Co., Ltd. as the investor is located at Lot C1 - 4, N8 Road, Tan Phu Trung IZ with a total investment of over 50 billion dong and a capacity as follows:

  • Manufacturing bags with production of 50 tons of products/year.
  • Manufacturing filter bag systems with production of 200 tons of products/year.
  • Manufacturing holding frame of filter bags with production of 50 tons of products/year.

Since its establishment in 2002, Focus Engineering Co., Ltd. has always operated effectively and is proud to be the pioneer to invest in modern machinery and equipment as well as build assembly factory applyingthe flow process for dust filtration systems, bailers, conveyor chains, conveyor screws, industrial blowers and other ancillary products in the engineering industry. Company’s products have proven their stability and quality over time and have been well accepted and appreciated by the market and customers. 

The project of filter bag factory marly a milestone in investment expansion of Focus Engineering Co., Ltd. The factory is equipped with synchronous and modern equipment systems and technological lines so as to meet the growing needs of the market. 

The project of filter bag factory is invested based on the advantages of Tan Phu Trung IZ such as strategic geographic location, investment incentives, convenient transportation, labor, etc.

At the ceremony, the Board of Directors of Focus Engineering Co., Ltd: highly appreciated the support of Tan Phu Trung IZ with Northwest Saigon City Development Corporation (SCD) as the investor.

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